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Aug 24, 2022Liked by Raymond J D.

I really agree. I will summarize your outline: we need Truth (catechesis), sacrifice, and Beauty (deliberate, lovingly firm, decorous Masses). I am going to be thinking about how the sacrifices we make for the Faith correspond to and open us up to the transcendental of Goodness. I also appreciate your insistence that, at some point, we stop the “listening” part and assert the perennial tenants of the Faith both in our words and our actions. We have listenedj, now it’s time to be listened to. There may be conflict. We can’t wish that away or back down from defending the truth. We can’t compromise salvific doctrines by giving people whatever they may think they want. We want their eternal joy! It’s cowardly to give up on that in order to be more likable or agreeable.

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