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Jan 25, 2023Liked by Raymond J D.

Before my conversion, I regarded Christian men as weak and sentimental. I was uncomfortable with what I perceived as a lack of spirit and drive in the overtly Christian boys and men that I knew. I saw Christian men as always turning the other cheek in a way that made me cringe, never standing up for themselves, lacking initiative, or, if the initiative was there, I thought I perceived a compartmentalization of their faith in a sort of nostalgic inner realm of their persons, not a vital part of their motivation. I think my former perceptions are shared by many young people, and I also think that they are not always off base. Only over time, have I come to see how masculine and heroic Christ is. I think authentic masculinity is one of the hallmarks of the true faith -- the real, Catholic Faith. Your examples here are so good. St. Tarcisius and St. Dominic Savio were likeable and popular, but they would not "go along to get along". They were willing to go against the grain, to speak the Truth in season and out of season.

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