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My substack focuses on the idea of a Peasant's Life, which intentionally evokes Medieval society. Medieval society was simpler in many ways and complicated in many others, but for the Peasants there were fewer distractions and fewer reasons to think we know better. The Demonic is one of those things that honestly help simplify faith--if good things come from God then the truly inexplicable evil can be attributed to the influence of demons without really getting hung up on it. The spiritual reality is real, after all, and the problem of evil isn't so much of a problem if we understand the spiritual movements of this world, for good or ill. At root, even acknowledging that demons are real helps us to acknowledge and even rely more deeply on God. What can we do against demons without Him?

So, it is exactly as you say: "we should understand that the childlike, trusting, God-centered, God-aware faith that we think of as “medieval” is far more beneficial than our modern skepticism"--this is an excellent summary of the kind of faith the modern world can benefit from.

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