Jun 12, 2022·edited Jun 12, 2022

This couldn’t be more convoluted. Your distaste for tradition is simultaneously followed up with a call to embrace it.

Those vestments ARE tradition. As is mass in ad orientem with the old prayers. The council of Trent didn’t “make up” the Tridentine Mass; it formally codified the Mass that had already been in practice for 1,500 years.

Which means to say that what you call nostalgia is, in fact, tradition in its purist form.

The only ones who have abandoned traditions are the ones who took Vatican 2 out of context, but it think the experiment will eventually die off. It’s mostly the boomers who are clinging onto it, and the novus ordo churches are quietly going empty. In good time.

Let’s be real, our church is ancient and this Mass and ecumenism is very young and it’s already a hot mess. It will be a joke in the history books.

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