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Dec 14, 2022Liked by Raymond J D.

The Great Divorce made a lasting impression on me prior to my conversion. The story served as a helpful paradigm as I have sought the transformation of my tastes and habits after formally accepting the teachings of The Church. If you are used to watching sitcoms but become aware of the problems of fornication, impiety, and foul language, you know you need to stop watching, but then there is a vacuum in your schedule and a void in your "artistic" palate. You can't just switch to enjoying listening to chant. It's a painful process. If you are used to going out to restaurants on Friday nights and doing housework on Sunday mornings, it takes time and costs discomfort to acclimate to the Church's week.

And what you say about the choices we make here on Earth leading us, step by step, to our ultimate destination rings true. Vicious, strident voices insist that the joy of all be contingent on acquiescence to their terms.

Relevantly I think, here is a link to a report on artificial wombs. https://scienceandstuff.com/ectolife-artificial-wombs/ and Leila Lawler speaks here about how the end of this wretched sort of hubris is tyranny/slavery: https://happydespitethem.blogspot.com/2022/12/artificial-wombs.html#comment-form.

-- Cecelia

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