Sitemap - 2023 - Gaudium Magazine

Issue 032: Pride and Mindfulness

The Modern Mindfulness Craze

This June Remember: Pride is Still a Sin

Issue 031: Teaching Beauty

A Plea for the Lost Art of Penmanship

A World In Need of Beauty

Issue 030: Modern Victim Culture and "Doubting" Thomas

False Victimhood and True Victimhood

The Apostle Who Doubted... and Believed

Issue 029: Holy Week and Easter

“Surrexit Dominus de Sepulchro”: Some Verses on Easter by William Dunbar

The Last Supper and Passion of Our Lord in Art

Issue 028: Tradition and Conversion

St. Francis of Assisi and the Call to Conversion

Breaking Tradition: The Ultimate Fool's Errand

Issue 028: Temptations and Fortitude

"You shall be like gods:" The Oldest Temptation

Children Need Fortitude... And So Do We

Issue 027: The Devil's Temptations and Recent TLM Restrictions

No Room in the Inn for Traditional Catholics?

The Devil's Bargain

Issue 026: Lent Begins; Sts. Valentine, Scholastica, and Modern Myths of Suffering

Modern Myths and the Problem of Suffering

On This Valentine's Day, Remember the Real St. Valentine

Holiness in a Hard World: St. Scholastica for Today

Issue 025: Education Issue: Catholic and Modern Education

The Teacher-Martyr: St. Cassian of Imola

Why Modern Education Fails

The Suicide of Catholic Education

Issue 024: Justice, Manhood, Authorship, and Misguided Freedoms

Awaiting Justice: The Patience of Cardinal Pell

God Games: A Meditation for Fiction Authors

Yes, Let's Ban Porn

Ersatz Masculinty and Real Masculinity

Issue 023: New Year's Resolutions, the Feast of the Holy Family, and Remembering Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict on the Link between Political Freedom, Religious Freedom, and Right Worship

The Most Important Resolution

For Pope Benedict, In Appreciation