Sitemap - 2022 - Gaudium Magazine

On the Feast of the Holy Family, Remember Why The Family Matters

Issue 022: Glad Tidings of Great Joy

On the Feast of Stephen: Sts. Stephen and Wenceslas

Laudate Dominum!

Why Celebrate Birthdays?

People, Look East: Advent and the Altar

We Should Save Christmas for Christmas

Issue 021: St. Nicholas Stories and C.S. Lewis's "The Great Divorce"

Walking Together... but Not to Hell

The Choice of Heaven or Hell in C.S. Lewis's "The Great Divorce."

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

St. Nicholas Saves Three, Three Times

Special Edition (Issue 020): Fall 2022 Literary Issue

Papal Space Crusaders

Healing Tears

For They Will See God: Seeking Catholic Truths in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Benediction”

Keeping Vigil

St. Catherine Labouré and The Miraculous Medal For Today

Two Poems: "Breath" and "Reflection on Bernini's Sculpture, The Ecstasy of St. Teresa"

Three Poems: "Expanse," "Dripping," and "Considering the Vineyard"

The Relevance of St. Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho: How to Discuss Religion Today

Cast Down

Two Poems: "Through the Hourglass" and "Subduing Spring"

Cries of the Ending

Whence Strength

Issue 019: Modern Tempests, Praying for the Dead, and Flannery O'Connor

This November, Remember to Pray for the Dead

Lessons on Grace: Flannery O'Connor and Christian Realism

Burial Practice and Belief

Remember God in the Storm...

Issue 018: Dragons & a Rabbit, Death & the Saints

For All the Saints: Fighting the Good Fight of the Faith

Becoming Real: Lessons from The Velveteen Rabbit

From Thence He Shall Come: Facing Fear of the Judgment

There Be Dragons... and Knights!

Issue 017: The Rosary, Priests, Angels, and the Things that Matter

Friendship, Art, and Virtue: In Defense of the Useless

A Church in the Time of Crisis: Appreciation For a Spiritual Priest

With Gratitude to Our Angels

On the Feast of the Holy Rosary: Humility and the Power of Our Lady's Intercession

Issue 016: An Angel, a Saint, and the Foibles of Modern Entertainment

St. Francis and the Romance of Orthodoxy

"Who Is Like God?" : Honoring the Archangel Michael's Humility

What (BBC's) Father Brown Should Have Said

Modernist Hobbits in Amazon’s The Rings of Power

Issue 015: Loving Our Mother, Caring for Our Children

Children Deserve Better Books

God's Mercy and Mary's Tears

A Bow for the Queen : Honoring Our Lady's Name and Titles

Issue 014: Hearts, Minds, and Weapons in Today's World

How Ingratitude Ruins Everything

The Conversion of Famous Men: Shia LeBeouf and Augustine’s Confessions.

The Rosary IS a Weapon... against Hell!

Man Is Not the Brain

Issue 013: The Synod, A Call to Engagement, and the Assumption

After The Listening

Dogmas of Our Lady: The Church's Response to the Modern World

A Call to Engagement: Louise Imogen Guiney’s “The Kings,” and JRR. Tolkein and the Long Defeat

Issue 012: Freedom, Glory, and the Past

The Glory of the Transfiguration, In His Life and Ours

Why We Need the Past

Is it Medieval to Believe in Demons?

St. Paul Against the Libertarians

Issue 011: Camping, Martyrs, and The Traditional Mass

Gamaliel’s Warning: Confusion about the TLM Crackdown and Reasons for Hope

Americans Need to Go Camping More

Literary Issue Deadline Extension (August 1)

Catholic Blood in the French Revolution

Issue 010: Patriotism, A Murderer's Conversion, and the Dark Side of Fantasy

The Dark Side of Fantasy and Science Fiction

More Christian Paradoxes for Meditation

Hope and Forgiveness: The Story of Alessandro Serenelli and St. Maria Goretti

America Needs Patriotism

What is Patriotism?

The Extravagance of His Most Precious Blood

Issue 009: A Month in His Heart

Hope for the Fallen World: St. Mary of Egypt

John the Baptist and the Effeminate Herods of Today

On the Overturning of Roe v. Wade: Child Sacrifice Then and Now

The Sacred Heart, City of Refuge

Thomas More and the True Nature of Religious Freedom

Patriotic and Patriarchal: Charles De Gaulle’s Love for His Daughter

The Physicality of the Eucharist

Issue 008: Pentecost, Pride, and Grandma's Lace

The Season after Pentecost Isn't Ordinary

A Non-Heretical Article on the Trinity

Pope Francis on "Grandma's Lace": Tradition vs. Nostalgia

They Really Are Coming for Your Children: Be Ready

James Martin Is Wrong (Again): We Should Hate the Sin and Love the Sinner

Pentecost: The Ultimate Gift

Issue 007: Spiritual Battles

Fighting the Devil's Pride Month

Virgin Mary, Queen Mother

Reawakening Wonder: An Antidote to Boredom

The Ascension and the Cosmic Dimensions of Spiritual Combat

With A Little Help from my Friends: The Power of the Saints’ Intercession

"Be Not Dismayed": Discouragement and the Christian Life

Issue 006: Children, Motherhood, and Our Need for Self-Knowledge

The Crisis of Self-Knowledge in the West

The Cross, the Crown, and the Children of Fatima

Call For Submissions! Autumn Literary Edition

The Whole Lie of Abortion's "Double Truth"

The Glories of Motherhood: An Appreciation for Mothers

Issue 005: Renewing Easter Joys

Christ's Peace in the Soul and Society

In Defense of Nice Hats

Short Lessons from St. Joseph the Worker

Christian Paradoxes for the Easter Season

Walking in Newness of Life: Easter Liturgical Notes

Let's Restore Catholic Greetings

Issue 004: He is Risen, Alleluia!

“The Adoration of the Lamb” and the Christian Hope

Feast Not with the Old Leaven: The Ascetical Life and Easter

Extension Issue 003.1 : Lingua Latina Vivit! & Passion Images for Holy Week

Images of the Passion

Lingua Latina in Ecclesia: The Veterum Sapientia Institute

Issue 003: Joy in Suffering

Perfect Joy and the Suffering of Christ

The Wheel and the Cross: Three Views on Suffering

Veiled Images, Veiled God

Holy Women to Remember, Part II

On Consecration: We Belong to God

Issue 002: Laetare! The Annunciation, St. Joseph, & St. Patrick

The Annunciation: Our Lady’s Obedience

Holy Women to Remember during Women's History Month, Part I

St. Joseph: Masculinity and Virtue

St. Patrick's Humility

Synodal Aspirations: The Church We Need

Issue 001: Joy in Death, Joy in Lent: Welcome to Gaudium

"They Went to Their Deaths Singing:" The Martyrs and the Joyful Death

Our Lady’s Way of the Cross

Faith & Liturgy: Penitential Practices in History

Our Lady, Cause of Our Joy

Welcome to Gaudium